Planet Download
La prestigiosa web holandesa Planet (dentro de su sección de Planet Download ) reseña a POSTERIZA en su portada como 'Descarga de la semana'

Esta es la trascripción en inglés del artículo publicado:

"Color printers become his the last years very inexpensive. Especially inkjetprinters are in drogisterijketens between the diaper tenderings placed. In the meantime itself color laser printers become affordable. These enormous price decreases gain breath the fierce mutual concurrentie and the strongly increasing question the consumer. You want since quickly the pictures that with the digital camera be made can dial. And with the countless picture handlers that your free can download be posting treat of a something less succeed plate a cold art.
But with regard to can do you still for fun with your holiday photographs? Your wall go wallpaper for example. A funny tool for the coming holiday period has could Posteriza, with which you in an in less than no time make big picture-notices. You import your favorite plate, adds possibly a touching text, a picture chooses short list and you set the number pages. Posteriza will cut out subsequently the picture exactly well for the number given pages, a tension on the button 'printed' suffices for the eventual uitdraai.
Posteriza supports all current page formats and printers. It is also possibly to use badly a stunted part of a picture for the eventual notice. Moreover the program has been written sweet compact, installation is not necessary. We miss basically only still but a Dutch translation, volunteers can give itself for this on the website. After all will not the ink manufacturers unsatisfied be with Posterize, because the ink can flow abundant in a spin on billboard-format"